Numbers / poem #Covid19 NumbersGo up each dayA bed emptiedA coffin buriedA second ago they smiled,Everything should've been alright.I cried, as the coffin business sadly strikes the millionaire recordAs the queue outside the mortuary is the same as the one outside the liquor storeThere is no comfort, or an answerAs to how we can survive these disastersThe blue … Continue reading Numbers / poem #Covid19

Writhing of the Writers Vol. 2

Sometimes words fail to compile me,Or maybe I've failed themWhen I need to weaponizeI forget not to criminalize I feel as though I've been sentenced my entire lifeIn the sufference of my tongue tiedMy mind couldn't gather thoughtsAs it produced more. Looking at incomplete art and incompetent heart,I feel unqualified as a sculpture.If I cant … Continue reading Writhing of the Writers Vol. 2

Spoken word / blank

A white page laid in front of me."blank", that's all it said repeatedly.Crap, that doesn't feel right.So, I write. With every word I scribble;I tremble.Words are too sharp or reckless--So I try yet again. And again, it's the same blank page.The lines resemble the creases on our foreheads, with some sort of rage.I could feel the rumbling fire.The fire to … Continue reading Spoken word / blank