Writhing of the Writers Vol. 2

Sometimes words fail to compile me,Or maybe I've failed themWhen I need to weaponizeI forget not to criminalize I feel as though I've been sentenced my entire lifeIn the sufference of my tongue tiedMy mind couldn't gather thoughtsAs it produced more. Looking at incomplete art and incompetent heart,I feel unqualified as a sculpture.If I cant … Continue reading Writhing of the Writers Vol. 2

Poem / dying roses

I harvested them in anticipationThat maybe they’ll bloom my lifeEach petal could blossom into my creationBut it turned into a deadly dream at night. Came down that way to plead the lordThat I stay his truly belovedGave into the belief that I took and forgotThen your servant came and objected. I could be so wrongI’ve … Continue reading Poem / dying roses