Poem / wrecked castle

https://fox-and-lionheart.tumblr.com/post/147139222120/photography-sheridans-art-crown-hysteria She lived in the womb of dreams where most fairies go to die.Lost in deep abyss she seems to be,Accepting fear for a feeling undefined. Dressed in her modest cologne;And pink bows on her chest.Keeping her vows onto herself alone,Pretending to not really exist. White walls and bricks build her soul.Capturing her into the … Continue reading Poem / wrecked castle

Poem / dying roses

I harvested them in anticipationThat maybe they’ll bloom my lifeEach petal could blossom into my creationBut it turned into a deadly dream at night. Came down that way to plead the lordThat I stay his truly belovedGave into the belief that I took and forgotThen your servant came and objected. I could be so wrongI’ve … Continue reading Poem / dying roses

Death, dying and the pain of losing someone.

Death. This word eats me from inside everytime I hear it. It often makes me realize that life is not that short than I expect, but longer than I could even think of. Whenever I hear the news, which I mostly avoid, is filled with headlines about several people died in a car accident and murders and people suffering from … Continue reading Death, dying and the pain of losing someone.