Rise above / Poem #blacklivesmatter

There is no time to recallBut time to forgive and forgetQuestion your past,Or live your today.Rise above your ego,The last call to your mind.Make amends with people who've been so kind,Who never wanted to hear you say goodbye.Rise above your fear,She's living inside your home.Tell her to leave, you've fed her enough—You were stronger all … Continue reading Rise above / Poem #blacklivesmatter

Let Humanity Breathe #blacklivesmatter

It is one of the many discomforts to helplessly sit 8,000 miles away from a place facing injustice as your need to protest and take action goes unsatisfied. So, I'm using the platforms I'm signed up with to leave a rebellious statement in response to the world's most lowest moments in history—let's get our shit … Continue reading Let Humanity Breathe #blacklivesmatter