Writhing of the Writers Vol. 1

Thoughts—Like knots in my throat,Engraved on my stone.An eternal curse,Lodged between each duskDreams turn to dust. Believe,And then leaveOn the parchment—Stains of blood,Trust and wanderlust.Echoed never heardThe whispering. On the flamesAs I go,My feet trembleOn burning coal—Yet I move on. Someplace with angel faceBut devilish within,I pray.With each rising day,I begin to eraseJust to fill … Continue reading Writhing of the Writers Vol. 1

What hope feels like.

The breeze enveloped me into a brisk hug that I couldn't escape. My soulless body shivered at the feeling of no floor beneath my foot as I rose it towards my end. I remind myself of all good and bad. Mostly all bad that led me here unknowingly. I have no power over the wandering … Continue reading What hope feels like.