Numbers / poem #Covid19 NumbersGo up each dayA bed emptiedA coffin buriedA second ago they smiled,Everything should've been alright.I cried, as the coffin business sadly strikes the millionaire recordAs the queue outside the mortuary is the same as the one outside the liquor storeThere is no comfort, or an answerAs to how we can survive these disastersThe blue … Continue reading Numbers / poem #Covid19

Hi! #2020 #coronavirus #letsdothistogether

I'm sure everyone is quarantined at the moment, because of the Corona-virus. The term in itself has a weight to it. So, after doing God knows how many things, I surrendered to the urge of reviving my long lost blog, probably without any certainty of finding any good outcome out of it. But as I'm … Continue reading Hi! #2020 #coronavirus #letsdothistogether