Meddling Anxiety. 

The most uncanny state I’ve ever been is me being partially dead while talking, walking or any other normal chores I go through. I don’t feel the energy to analyse the things happening around me as the world within me is already been destroyed. I want it to be over but the dark clouds over... Continue Reading →


It Matters.

In life no matter what, we tend to hurt people someway or the other. We can't even help it because sometimes its our personality that does so. But hurting someone with clear motives can cause a hurricane. So it became necessary to tell people that it hurts and it matters.   You say something that... Continue Reading →

Dealing With Dissapointment. 

The last time when I wasn't actually disappointed was when you started reading this and attempted to keep up. Thank you.  In terms of expecting something even at a decent level, disappointment is way too painful. It causes a dejection, discouragement latches upon and you hardly think of giving another shot. While doing something, good... Continue Reading →

Embracing My Flaws. 

I'm ridiculously thin as I starve myself and my looks are terrible. This isn't a statement, it's what people observe when they see me. But honestly, I don't care. It didn't matter why-where-when you said it, if it's about my flaws, I'd rather ignore it. Its who I am and if I want to change something in me, I... Continue Reading →

Dream Big. 

You might have heard the legendary stories; how people won over their fears, never gave up and they are now living their dreams. They had nothing to go on with, except hope and trust. And where they are now is far beyond they believed in. Just believe and ask yourself if you are ready to... Continue Reading →

Complications With time.

When cindrella was at the highest point of her life, time betrayed her. She had to run away taking nothing, but time spared her one fortunate second to leave her precious sandel. "Time finds it hard to justify its relation with us, its either promising or usually vague." Time usually questions you, not knowing the... Continue Reading →

You Are Enough. 

When Solitary, my mind disguises as a reader, reading her own journal of the 'present' to me. It suddenly hits me, You are not alone. Maybe no physical form is around or you are surrounded with a lot, but you are with someone always; someone who knows about you more than you. You are enough.  For beginners, i... Continue Reading →

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