The Choice. 

  "Making the right decision isn't always right, unless it's what you want." Sometimes I find it hard to decide between two great paths. I guess all I need is a guide book! Or maybe, not. We work hard everyday, fire up our schedules to a light years' speed and astonish ourselves with cornered &... Continue Reading →



"Beauty is an expression. Not a measuring scale." In such an age such as my own where I'm understanding the mere concepts and ideas, I come to comparing beautifulness in utmost everything. It confuses and makes me quite delusional about myself whether I have a denying possibility of fitting in anywhere in my life, between... Continue Reading →


“An honest apology always hides a guilty heart and the half-dead conscience.” The word or phrase ‘sorry’ stays on the tip of my tongue. It’s definitely not in my nature— It’s because I make like at least a mistake every day. We all do. It’s a flaw no one can deny having and neither can... Continue Reading →

Letting Her Go. 

      Scars and bruises never stay, the way her name is inked an ample deep. She lives till eternity, is all I can pray While I'm departing and she won't weep. I embrace the last site my eyes sought, a poised smile across her soft face What thoughts were really bought and, was... Continue Reading →


My first nomination! Firstly, I'm thanking Shreya Vohra to nominate me (it's so nice of you by the way). I've never done or knew about this before, but it sounds to me like an opportunity to let my readers know about me after how non-descriptive I've been about myself throughout my time in this blogging field. I'll... Continue Reading →

Best Strangers. 

"Ok, fine! So, tell me then. What I told you last to keep in your stupid head." I said while awaiting your lips to inquire more, but we both know, we're still strangers. My heart brings out affinity for people who are comparatively known to me for ages. Time has brought us together and we... Continue Reading →

I Have Questions. 

"Marvelous, you got all your answers!" The world said. I make a very clear death glare, but they'll never know.  I'm an intend listener and quite observer. The one fact about people like me is, we carry the guilt of being incapable to find answers to the questions that no one seems to know. I... Continue Reading →

It Will Be Sunny Someday. 

The sky was enormously crying for mercy. The lightning threatened my ambitions with the most fake empathy. No more could I feel what I felt, but the earthy fragrance kept me motivated. A little drop descended on my forehead, slowly drifted down my cheek and fell on the floor. Hundreds, thousands and a million drops... Continue Reading →

Meddling Anxiety. 

The most uncanny state I’ve ever been is me being partially dead while talking, walking or any other normal chores I go through. I don’t feel the energy to analyse the things happening around me as the world within me is already been destroyed. I want it to be over but the dark clouds over... Continue Reading →

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