Humans are fools.

When the world is set on fireAnd people burn alive—He wants to save his assets.As the fire catches,Sun shimmers downYet he wants to be the greatest. In the midst of chaosHe pleads for silence.Facade of innocent, yet clever.His voice is made ofThe sweetest pitch ever.He sings to others the truthWhile feeding himself the lies.Humans are … Continue reading Humans are fools.

Numbers / poem #Covid19 NumbersGo up each dayA bed emptiedA coffin buriedA second ago they smiled,Everything should've been alright.I cried, as the coffin business sadly strikes the millionaire recordAs the queue outside the mortuary is the same as the one outside the liquor storeThere is no comfort, or an answerAs to how we can survive these disastersThe blue … Continue reading Numbers / poem #Covid19

Rise above / Poem #blacklivesmatter

There is no time to recallBut time to forgive and forgetQuestion your past,Or live your today.Rise above your ego,The last call to your mind.Make amends with people who've been so kind,Who never wanted to hear you say goodbye.Rise above your fear,She's living inside your home.Tell her to leave, you've fed her enough—You were stronger all … Continue reading Rise above / Poem #blacklivesmatter

Writhing of the Writers Vol. 1

Thoughts—Like knots in my throat,Engraved on my stone.An eternal curse,Lodged between each duskDreams turn to dust. Believe,And then leaveOn the parchment—Stains of blood,Trust and wanderlust.Echoed never heardThe whispering. On the flamesAs I go,My feet trembleOn burning coal—Yet I move on. Someplace with angel faceBut devilish within,I pray.With each rising day,I begin to eraseJust to fill … Continue reading Writhing of the Writers Vol. 1

Poem / wrecked castle She lived in the womb of dreams where most fairies go to die.Lost in deep abyss she seems to be,Accepting fear for a feeling undefined. Dressed in her modest cologne;And pink bows on her chest.Keeping her vows onto herself alone,Pretending to not really exist. White walls and bricks build her soul.Capturing her into the … Continue reading Poem / wrecked castle