Humans are fools.

When the world is set on fire
And people burn alive—
He wants to save his assets.
As the fire catches,
Sun shimmers down
Yet he wants to be the greatest.

In the midst of chaos
He pleads for silence.
Facade of innocent, yet clever.
His voice is made of
The sweetest pitch ever.
He sings to others the truth
While feeding himself the lies.
Humans are like mice.
One dies.
No one cries.
Two die.
Tears in the eyes.
Many die.
With the most terrible alibi.
Humans are fools.
Who despise truth.
Hunting in groups.
Make no room,
For the kind and the good.

Too much is always too less
For them, everything is a mess
Create some more,
Fake a magic trick
Serving reality on a silver platter
Illusions and humans.
Fuck the latter.

Screens and screens
They’re begging for an illusion to succumb their thirst, and strangle their hunger.
Mirages and mirages
Life is like living in a gutter,
But they look around and see all glitter!

Excuse them for striking your garden with thunder
For stealing the stage
For letting you stay
Only so you could see your pyramid of cards fall
One on one.
In front of the sinking sun.

The kingdom has fallen
Yet they want to rule it
Drowning in losses
But they blindly walk through it
You don’t see a homeless man writhing in pain, as he is anticipating the arrival of the bright light really soon.
Because you’re busy screaming you’re left with no air in your lungs, in an air conditioned room.
I have words, I have many many words
But I’ll give you two
—Humans are fools.
I pity them, I pity you.

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