Let Humanity Breathe #blacklivesmatter

It is one of the many discomforts to helplessly sit 8,000 miles away from a place facing injustice as your need to protest and take action goes unsatisfied. So, I’m using the platforms I’m signed up with to leave a rebellious statement in response to the world’s most lowest moments in history—let’s get our shit together. It is beyond my mental capability to understand and progress these horrific news headlines every single morning while being quarantined, which is already a major source for mental agitation. There are many issues that the world is facing at the moment, some of them find their way in becoming an active global movement, while many of them are internal problems of a country. But the fact is that injustice is covering all grounds. Accountability still stands an unanswered question for all of us. And when people are dying every second, people who stand in power are losing empathetic behavior and are simply ignoring the signs of global extinction thinking that we are invincible!

Another black man killed for no debatable reason. This is one of the most disgusting crimes that are, ironically, committed by the protectors of law and order. This is not just an insult to every individual police officer, but people in general, who find racism justifiable because they feel privileged to do so. This was an act of racism and it is beyond our tolerance. We belong to different ethnicities but that’s just a part of our lives. Beyond every single label that the society has crafted, in the very end, in our very own skin, we’re only humans. We are cosmic happenings for God knows how long. We are so many things beyond the colour of our skin. Red blood running under our skin is just the same. This is not the world I thought it was, if my skin colour is the first thing you see, and your skepticism of my skin is the first thing I see.

If you want to take any kind of action AT ALL, speak up. I’ve signed petitions and I stand with the people who are out there during this pandemic to peacefully participate in the protests. This is all that I’m capable of. You should also do the same. Whether you’re white, black or brown, your skin colour should not limit you from fighting racial discrimination and injustice!

Thank you.

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