Hi! #2020 #coronavirus #letsdothistogether

I’m sure everyone is quarantined at the moment, because of the Corona-virus. The term in itself has a weight to it. So, after doing God knows how many things, I surrendered to the urge of reviving my long lost blog, probably without any certainty of finding any good outcome out of it. But as I’m typing this, I’m having second thoughts.

I haven’t written anything in this long because of the internet shutdown in the state that I live. It’s been off for months which give me plenty of time to reflect, learn and grow. I cannot say I’m not the same, but I have seen toughest times of my life through this period. But isn’t that how you come out stronger? I need to fall to learn how to get back up. We all do.

There are many other priorities in my life, and I’m sure everyone else does as well. So in respect of that, I’ll post when I find the strength to do so. I also don’t have a clear mindset as to what to post and how long till it’s just a faded memory of mere creative experimentation, but that must not slow me from sharing anything at all and live in the moment. This is a very critical time for all of us because the future is uncertain globally. As I’m at home doing nothing better, I must come at your service to entertain you, or bore you perhaps.

Stay safe, stay sanitized, and maintain social distancing 😉


4 thoughts on “Hi! #2020 #coronavirus #letsdothistogether

    1. It’s good to be back.
      I’m actually great, but this Coronavirus had put a stop on all our lives and it’s so haunting to wake up to this phase of world everyday. Let’s hope we get out of this ALIVE.
      Enough about me, how are you?

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    1. Sorry for replying late, I’ve spent the entire May staring at walls and different shades of the sky. I hope you and your loved ones are also safe. Keep maintaining your health and courage. ~Anchal♡


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