The process #LifeUpdate

Hello reader,

I have a lot of difficulty being honest with myself, let alone tell someone what I feel. It seems normal at first but then it suffocates and gradually numbs me. My life is torn into two pieces, half the time I spend towards self-acceptance, growth, self-care and love– while the other I spend sulking about what I can’t be or have. I have bad days, many of them. But I’m working on it, so thanks for giving me the space I need.

I’m trying to figure out what it is that I understand from this world, there is always a conflict in my mind with my own thoughts. I question myself everyday. I have no priorities, or a particular creative mindset. My penned down thoughts feel like loose threads. I’m also in my senior year which means I have a lot of concentration on my academics as well. This is the only possible explanation I have for why I stop writing on my blog. I have been thinking a lot and came up with a few ideas but I’m trying to build a concrete plan which will lay a perfect foundation. I love writing, a lot. So, while I’m in that process, bear with me because I want to take my blogging experience to the next level. Thanks!

Love, Anchal xoxo

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