Our World, My Mind.

It’s our world. Why bother mine?

I seek knowledge. I like to, and not as a geek or a book freak but as an enthusiast. So, daily I check the news feed because current affairs is a part of knowledge basically. As I scroll down, my eyes drop and jaw is wide open. Sorry, my eyes are wide open and jaw dropped. I was all dumbstruck. Brutal accidents, deaths, murders, mass bombing and lots, which freezes my mind to think anymore. Why is all this bothering me, and how the world can’t quit being insane? I’m hardly able to cope with my own life, and then these people whom I don’t know about make tears roll down. Your world bothers mine.

Carefree living is so underrated and isn’t found anywhere at all. People who are successful to find such are either lucky or may have spent years meditating if they are that involved in the idea of a happier living. But how? I can survive a bit of isolation, I can stop thoughts from provoking my goal but the past, the thoughts? Aren’t they already deciding my fate? The people, the opinions, the world? Aren’t they disturbing my soul? I can’t resist but walk forward anyway. And again, yet again, your world bothers mine.

The world needs to know, the voice of every unheard mind. The world needs to see, the suffering of those who hold the pain in their hearts. The world needs to stop telling the sufferer to change. The world needs to stay united. The world itself has to understand because we will become predators of human race someday, and kill to die. The world needs to let the minds of the young confide. The world, the people, the society needs to accept humanity before any religion. The world needs to know.

But the words of a 15-year-old can’t dig deep and reach every unsound mind. My words may never, but ours can. To a step of humanity, I wish the world to accept and protect us. Because it’s our world, made with our own minds.

Thanks for reading!


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