Best Strangers. 

“Ok, fine! So, tell me then. What I told you last to keep in your stupid head.” I said while awaiting your lips to inquire more, but we both know, we’re still strangers.

My heart brings out affinity for people who are comparatively known to me for ages. Time has brought us together and we love it’s art ever since. Bonding over every moment that happened to come along, amending new laws for ourselves and laugh on not so funny jokes; we have an eternal affair that is known and heard by everyone.

Though I hate to see the other side of it, I consent to it. We have the best memories together, but only a few. We talk less even when we sit together in one place and in one room. We’re together, but I could feel no presence. You know many people who deserve your company, to crack jokes with and to share more and better memories. I do so too, in such a big world someone or the other would be likely to take me as a nice friend, a close friend, a best friend altogether an appreciable acquaintance for life, although it won’t be destiny. But, you and I were put in together, for a reason. So, when I look at you I want to be the reason you look back at me. Not for help, nor sympathy, nor solace; but to see me being okay or not the way I do.

Let us agree, we both love each other deep down our hearts. We can feel the pain that we show to or cry out to each other. But, we know this, we were meant to be but never meant forever, or least not every single piece of time. But your absence is the only thing I’m waiting to turn around. I want you, with me, for the rest of my life. Even though we never talk; we’re not best friends but as best strangers.


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  1. Shreya Vohra says:

    When I started reading this titled “Best Strangers” I Didn’t know what to expect. But it really made sense. Well done!

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    1. ANCHAL94 says:

      I was afraid it may not make sense, but you’re my savior, you saved me. 😂 thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Shreya Vohra says:

        😂I am glad Anchal! I am looking for new blogging friends, so maybe you could check out my blog too? I’d appreciate it

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      2. ANCHAL94 says:

        I would love to check it out. 💕💖

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      3. Shreya Vohra says:

        Thank you!❤️

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    1. ANCHAL94 says:

      😁 Thanksss


  2. aparna_097 says:

    Interesting post!

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