I Have Questions. 

“Marvelous, you got all your answers!” The world said. I make a very clear death glare, but they’ll never know.

I’m an intended listener and quiet observer. The one fact about people like me is, we carry the guilt of being incapable to find answers to the questions that no one seems to know. I blame myself but just because I chose to be someone different doesn’t mean I’m wrong. We see the world with desperate eyes, rather than the one which never wants to earn the lessons the world teaches because we live for the passion we dream.

I need my answers and on that trail, I go insane. Many days I’d go numb, my mind is screwed and I need a breakthrough from those questions. I talk to people, read, work out, even watch nauseous tv shows so as to divert my mind. But I end up having more questions out of it. It’s like the things take cure leave you with more wounds. The world’s biggest secrets remain behind the folds and deep down inside its core. (The volcanoes, however, aren’t part of this metaphor.)

I have questions, so many are still buried in my heart that came along with the most random experience or the most important thing in my life. The only answer I’m trying to seek is to the question, “Do all my questions HAVE answers?”

 Thanks for reading! I didn’t write for a long time as I had exams, and I was gathering focus on it. Anyways, I was even out of ideas when some things out of the blue jumped into my head. So, I guess I’ll be very constant every Sunday. Please do comment and keep reading. 


Anchal. X 


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