It Matters.

In life no matter what, we tend to hurt people someway or the other. We can’t even help it because sometimes its our personality that does so. But hurting someone with clear motives can cause a hurricane. So it became necessary to tell people that it hurts and it matters.  

You say something that may sound right to you causes a hole in a heart. Even if your tongue is controlled and lips sealed, you can burn up a soul. The fun fact is that you remain adamant but ecstatic, though through that you’ve killed someone mentally.

It definitely matters when you smile, even at someone’s silly mistake or an uncertain talent. Trust me, it gets better when you do something, even the smallest act, but powerful. Like saying thank you, it simply works out, perfectly. Maybe making someone happy is not your business, maybe its important your ego is fed. But just remember, the smallest role a person plays in one’s life can either make no difference at all or it can change the meaning of life. Because it matters. 

In a social manner, we are all linked up together. We can guess and make a great impression of everyone in our minds. Because we are allowed to. Or maybe freed to. But, when it comes to handling the circumstances around or with, we are incapable. Envy, need of social growth, mass addiction of plucking the mistakes; all these reasons are behind our certain reflexes. We are binded together, not by literal ropes and chains but by humanity, atleast. We know what a person can truly be hurt by, or what things a person can become happy about. Such thoughts need a form, whatsoever it may be. Because, trust me, it matters. 

I personally forced myself to let go of every important thing in my life. Not because I was hurt, but I hardly found my strengths to hold onto them. So, I was out of any hobbies or interests. Until something important came into my life. I was coming out of being in the abysmal zone and became happy. Those things mattered. Enough to make me ‘me’. Enough to let go of agony. Enough to make my life somehow worth. And not I-Will-Praise-Only-Myself Worth. Just so I can tell people around me to care. Enough.

If you feel my blog helped you and can help someone too, please do share. 

Thanks for reading. Peace out. 


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