Dealing With Dissapointment. 

The last time when I wasn’t actually disappointed was when you started reading this and attempted to keep up. Thank you. 

In terms of expecting something even at a decent level, disappointment is way too painful. It causes a dejection, discouragement latches upon and you hardly think of giving another shot.

While doing something, good or bad, a certain impression is left, positive or negative. And sometimes we are not interested much because they don’t matter enough. But by the time expectation starts to build up, they start to matter, and so much that if it fails, we’re left with only disappointment. But fortunately, we move on, though not on an easy and happy note. But let’s face it, we somehow expected it too. We know the reality but often refuse to accept. The ultimate truth is life’s unpredictability. Make up your mind and be strong to face it. 

Life is unpredictable. Really. But, trust me it is destined to be great.

Pic credit to the respected owner. 

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  1. Blogging can cause a lot of disappointment particularly when nobody reads your posts, so you really have to be prepared. I went through a similar phase a while ago. Just need to get into the right mindset. All the best

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