Embracing My Flaws. 

I’m ridiculously thin as I starve myself and my looks are terrible. This isn’t a statement, it’s what people observe when they see me. But honestly, I don’t care. It didn’t matter why-where-when you said it, if it’s about my flaws, I’d rather ignore it. Its who I am and if I want to change something in me, I will. I may take opinions or advices gracefully but if criticism rolls out of someone’s tongue, I may close my ears. I would rather not laugh if you crack a joke about my flaws. The misconception you put in my head about my flaws hurt your eyes, try to see them my way. I’ve concluded that your little pokes are like of a 5 years old’s, they never hurt me. And I’ve chosen a good company where my heart will belong. It’s me and my flaws, you will never have either. Accept me and this concept, or walk out on me. 

I am only trying to set myself as an example how I’ve worked out through every thing and I’m happier than the old me who kept weeping over her flaws. I have no guilt at all when I acceptingly talk about my flaws. Believe the beauty that god gave you with a few errors. It’s alright because perfection isn’t always nice. It’s bizzare. It’s incomplete. It’s reckless. It’s unreal.

Make a flawless personality instead of a flawless physique. 

Pic credit to the respected owner. 

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