Pulwama Attack, India’s Retaliation and My Confession #JaiHind

Before you proceed reading, please be aware that my only sincere motive here is to present my view and the unanswered queries in my mind regarding this sensitive issue. I hope that no reader takes it personally howsoever.  I also apologize for not being in my absolute national spirit as I always am as this post is personal. Hello, happy bloggers! I'm sure that a lot of people are aware of the dispute between … Continue reading Pulwama Attack, India’s Retaliation and My Confession #JaiHind


What hope feels like.

The breeze enveloped me into a brisk hug that I couldn't escape. My soulless body shivered at the feeling of no floor beneath my foot as I rose it towards my end. I remind myself of all good and bad. Mostly all bad that led me here unknowingly. I have no power over the wandering … Continue reading What hope feels like.

Spoken word // Blank //

A white page laid in front of me."blank", that's all it said repeatedly.Crap, that doesn't feel right.So, I write. With every word I scribble;I tremble.Words are too sharp or reckless--So I try yet again. And again, it's the same blank page.The lines resemble the creases on our foreheads, with some sort of rage.I could feel the rumbling fire.The fire to … Continue reading Spoken word // Blank //