Burning Letters // Poem //

The quest for happiness is closed People went away and I stayed alone The birds flew away shedding few of their feathers, While I stood there to look at the burning letters. Fire and ice, it was flames of blue. Ecstatic I watched, my bare feet were glued A smile full of triumphant drew right…

Tragedies and fears #LifeUpdate

I was involved in the murder of an innocent.

Alphabetical Advice #F

Focused people never lose the sight of their goals. The more restless you get, the more you fail. Forgiving is your duty. Holding a grudge takes up more time and energy than that. Fight for what you deserve, for what is yours. Have a wonderful day ahead! Love, Anchal. šŸ’–

‘Get to know me’ Tag

Hello! Sincere apologies to be such a busy bee. Can’t even get enough to look after my blog. God, I miss my be-lazy-and-free-to-write-endlessly days. I want to thank Manish Malu for nominating me for this challenge. His blog has inspiration for you everyday. The time you feel low, you’ll find it peaceful to read his…

“I’ll kill her today.” (1/2)

Firstly, I want to thank people who dropped a comment in my What stops me #lifeupdate post, it means the world to me.ā˜˜ ā€œIā€™m going to kill her today.ā€ I said it to myself when I walked out of the room with a loathsome attitude. It was one of those days when I realise that…

Alphabetical Advice #E

Education helps you to aim the right things in life, without it you’re the same as a blind. Each day is a new opportunity; if you messed up yesterday you always have another chance to do things again. Every time you lose control of life is like a hurricane in the sea, but remember that…

Alphabetical Advice #D

‘D’ Determination is important: it lays the foundation of struggle.Ā  Don’t mind criticism, it’s like a fuel for your flames. Dare to fight, and nothing comes in your way.Ā  Don’t give up; Don’t even think about it. The best experiences come when you hold on to the worst situations and fight them.Ā   

ISOLATION: Positive & Negative Impacts

“It’s like you forget about living life and being vulnerable to the world. You forget how life works.” I’m having my summer vacations right now and feeling extremely bored, nauseous mostly. I have spent a lot of time at my home inside my room, with curtains fully drawn and no sight of outer life reflecting…

Alphabetical Advice #C

‘C’ Continue to embrace your mistakes; one day they become a lesson. Concentrate on your present and future rather than regretting what’s in the past. Concentration is the ultimate key to progress. Curiosity can allow you to think so much beyond just ‘outside the box’.